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Best Book Book Club

Why Reading Is Vital To Your Career?

1. You learn to make connections.

Joan Atlas, adjunct assistant professor of English and Media Studies at Bentley University says reading is about making connections: text to text, text to self, and text to world. This fluidity of mind is priceless in life, and most definitely in the workplace.  “Reading good books widens our perspective on ourselves and others,” she says. “We take off our blinders and learn about other times and places.  Employers want you to make those leaps — it’s a coveted ability, and reading makes it yours.

2. You learn to handle conflict.
Immerse yourself in conflicts in good literature, and you’ll come away with a new understanding of issues that you’ll confront in your own life, and in the business world, she says.

3. You learn to think critically.
It may be that critical thinking is more important in the business arena than in any other profession, says Atlas. Consider the multiple levels on which business people must operate within the company, locally, nationally, globally, and with the employees, shareholders, customers, and the public at large.